Oi, oi !

Vi delte ut to gratisbilletter til kampen mot Aalesund. Det lønte seg . Vi fikk nemlig en flott tilbakemelding fra engelskmannen Sam som ble imponert over hva han så og hørte på Ullevaal.

Oi  oi !

I was told i had to write a post-match summary for you Norwegian lads, but first I want to thank VPN for the free ticket – the whole experience was a great surprise for me!

Watching Valerenga play was crazy – I thought Norwegian football was shit, and then you go and prove me all wrong. My mate Carl told me Valerenga was different – that you play Barcelona football (which sort of made me laugh like a pig on acid). And guess what! Weirdest thing happened – the team proved his statement with pride.

Valerenga literally crushed that orange team! Easily! And in a really entertaining way as well!

I was told that this is Norwegian football at its best – and it must be!
The only thing I don’t understand is that they didn’t score more goals…

And what’s with that black guy, Ogude??  He’s fucking brilliant! Does he always play like that?

Another big surprise for me was the amount of songs you all had! I obviously didn’t understand jack of it, but the noise was good, and I actually wanted to be a part of it!
After a lot of nagging I made Carl promise to get tickets within the real crowd next time. The Klanen… And personally I’m really looking forward to that!

So long Oslo!

Keep up the good work!

– Sam

P.S. Cheers again for the tickets!

Detaljer om billettkonkurransen finnes i siste avsnitt i dagboka fredag 1.april



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